Your Smartphone is about to be your new best medical friend

In this age of uncertainty of the future of medicine as it relates to cost and doctors, we are likely seeing the future of medicine on-the-go using your smart phone, and sending you and maybe your doctor information about your health. The world is changing. You’re already attached to your smart phone and it will be even more of your daily life in the future. Everything in your medical future is likely to be kept on your phone. And it [...]


The FDA approves HIV medication

For the very first time, the FDA has approved a contraceptive pill to prevent the spread of HIV infections: Truvada. This drug is intended to cut the risk of people that are having sex with HIV – infected partners, though studies have shown that the drug only cuts the risk by 42% and should not be considered a replacement for condoms alone, cautions the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Truvada has been on the market since 2004, for the purpose of treating people [...]


Prescription medicine helps sick people get better

Prescription medicine helps sick people get better. Despite that, an alarming percentage of patients do not take their medications as directed by their doctors. Research shows that 25 percent of patients prescribed medications for a new illness fail to fill their initial prescription. Half of patients taking maintenance medications within a year of starting therapy.” This is the introduction of the CVI Caremark report Advancing Adherence & the Science of Pharmacy Care, Volume 3. The likelihood that this describes you is [...]