For the very first time, the FDA has approved a contraceptive pill to prevent the spread of HIV infections: Truvada.
This drug is intended to cut the risk of people that are having sex with HIV – infected partners, though studies have shown that the drug only cuts the risk by 42% and should not be considered a replacement for condoms alone, cautions the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
Truvada has been on the market since 2004, for the purpose of treating people who already have HIV. The FDA approved the drug as a contraceptive in July, 2012.

HIV spreads at a whopping rate of 50,000 new infections per year.  The pharmaceutical companies have been working along side the HIV community to cut the spread for several years and this is the first time the FDA has approved a drug to be used for people who are not yet infected.
An AP article suggests that due to almost a quarter million people worldwide, who are HIV carriers and who are unaware that they carry the disease, “…doctors and patients say new methods are needed to fight the spread of the virus.” But it is difficult to calculate how a new method might work on people that don’t know they need to take action if they don’t even know they are HIV positive. It’s almost as if anyone that is having sex is vulnerable and needs to be discussing this with their doctor.

If you do know that you or your partner is HIV – infected, contact your doctor and ask if Truvada might be helpful to you.
If you get, or have, a prescription from your doctor for Truvada, it is essential that you take it as prescribed. As with any drug, it only works if you take it exactly as prescribed.

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