Prescription medicine helps sick people get better. Despite that, an alarming percentage of patients do not take their medications as directed by their doctors. Research shows that 25 percent of patients prescribed medications for a new illness fail to fill their initial prescription. Half of patients taking maintenance medications within a year of starting therapy.”

This is the introduction of the CVI Caremark report Advancing Adherence & the Science of Pharmacy Care, Volume 3.
The likelihood that this describes you is pretty high. This report will give you shivers. It explains how much less you can be paying for your healthcare if you are one of over half of all adults in the United States who have at least one chronic disease.

If this does describe you, understand that not taking your prescribed meds not only
Doesn’t get you well (and may very well be making you feel pretty awful), but you’re going to be spending lots more money because of it. Now, THAT makes me feel sick.

Read the report. If you want to find out more about your specific state, read this report. There are some pretty funny statistic in here if you search for them, such as the fact that people get way more exercise in Alaska than they do in Louisiana. Actually Alaska is up there with California. Louisiana… move your collective butts. You need the exercise. Actually, we all do.

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