Telehealth and Medication Management seen as the biggest health improvements in years

I just reread a piece that I received last month. I read it and quickly dismissed it as a financial report only. When I read it again today I was stunned by a couple of points that were made in the Analysis of the North American Mediation Management Market of 2012. Don’t dismiss this as I did. It puts Telehealth and Medication Management in a perspective that you probably haven’t considered. In a couple of the bulleted points found down [...]


Communication is the Key to Medication Adherence

More and more articles studies seem to be researching and publishing that Communication with your doctor, pharmacist, or even with your benefits manager are the key to your medication adherence. The two most recent are the one published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) titled with the same name as this blog, Communication is the Key to Medication Adherence. The other is published by Modern Medicine (Voice of the Pharmacist) in an article called Collaboration may improve [...]