I just reread a piece that I received last month. I read it and quickly dismissed it as a financial report only. When I read it again today I was stunned by a couple of points that were made in the Analysis of the North American Mediation Management Market of 2012. Don’t dismiss this as I did. It puts Telehealth and Medication Management in a perspective that you probably haven’t considered.

In a couple of the bulleted points found down in the middle of the page says that, while medication management and telehealth are in their industrial infancy, we as a nation of patient/consumers are experiencing a revolution that we haven’t seen since the early 1900s. Back then the country was building new roads. Prior to those roads, patients didn’t have an easy way to get to a doctor or a hospital to get any sort of care. People quite often died before they could receive emergency care. It’s also true that care, or even medical knowledge, was nowhere near what it is today. But that’s a separate issue.

The report talks about medication management, which is a relatively new service category. Until not too long ago nobody was tracking the costs of non-adherence. Most assuredly, the term “adherence” resulted from some researchers trying to find out why patients weren’t improving their health in larger numbers. After all, the medications proved to be so much more effective in their studies on the medications, so why weren’t patients improving faster?  The answer is, of course, that the meds don’t do any good if the patients don’t take them.

The building of roads a century ago is compared in the opening of new digital roads that are beginning to deliver modern medical services to patients today. The writers, Frost & Sullivan, find that these new digital roads that can deliver new services to patients, are the first really major step forward in a century.

The report details reports available on several financial categories that are available for a fee.

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