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Facts about Diabetes that everyone needs to know

On November 17, 2012, the CEO of Eli Lilly, John C. Lechleiter, put out a letter about the significance of Diabetes in the world.  He did that because it was World Diabetes Day.  But, when you understand the statistics involved with this disease and the cost, you’ll probably agree with me that everyday is “World Diabetes Day.”  I am a diabetic myself, but was stunned none-the-less by what I learned from Dr. Lechleiter’s letter:  The world’s diabetic population has doubled since [...]


New study reveals Old Markers

Do you know the word “ischemic?” I’ve heard it a lot of times and didn’t know the actual meaning: local deficiency of blood supply produced by vasoconstriction or local obstacles to the arterial flow, according to Dictionary.com. That’s the medical definition of blockages in your body that have to do with your heart. A new study has discovered some markers that you can see with your eyes and which are only now being discovered as a medically significant. The study, [...]


Using Statins to control your cholesterol

Predicting America’s health The biggest cause of death is Cardiovascular Disease, probably heart attack or stroke. I read about a new set of calculations that suggest that half of American’s have abnormal lipids. That means CHOLESTEROL. That means, as a nation, we’re fat and more and more we’re dependent on Statins, which is the most standard pharmaceutical answer to the problem. According to Dr. Eliot Brinton, director of the National Lipid Assoc., many patients are hesitant to comply with their doctor’s prescribed [...]


The U.S. Surgeon General talks medication adherence

The U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, is on the campaign trail. No, not for elections, for trying to get the public to become adherent to their prescriptions. Benjamin says that “75% of the American people,” aren’t taking their medications as prescribed. Benjamin called medication nonadherence “a major public health problem.”  This leads to unnecessary complications including heart attack and stroke. “There are many reasons why people don’t take their medicine as directed, from concerns about side effects to the out-of-pocket costs [...]