Do you know the word “ischemic?” I’ve heard it a lot of times and didn’t know the actual meaning: local deficiency of blood supply produced by vasoconstriction or local obstacles to the arterial flow, according to That’s the medical definition of blockages in your body that have to do with your heart. A new study has discovered some markers that you can see with your eyes and which are only now being discovered as a medically significant.

The study, which is reported by MedPage Today identifies four different symptoms, all quickly identifiable. They are:

  • Front parietal baldness
  • Crown top baldness
  • Earlobe crease
  • Fatty eyelid deposits

Of those symptoms, the fatty deposits, primarily under the eyes, were the strongest predictor of a heart attack or stroke. But here’s the kicker… if you have 3 or 4 of these symptoms you are at a 50% greater risk independent of other cardiovascular risk factors. If you have these symptoms do not start an exercise regimen until your doctor clears you as healthy enough to do it.

If you’ve read my blog entries you’ve already heard me rail on about keeping fit. Eat right, exercise, stay adherent. Listen, every one of us is a bit different, but one thing is certain: you can’t wait until you have all of these symptoms to start taking your meds and exercising. You have to work at being healthy. Get there and stay there. No, really. I’m quite serious.

As far as adherence goes, it’s no laughing matter. 50% of doctors prescriptions aren’t taken as directed. It’s pretty much like meals. Do it just like your doctor says.

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