Medication Adherence is a huge expense for Employers

New Study claims that Non-Adherence may affect up to 50% of all Patients The High Cost of being Medication Non-Adherent for Employers A company Healthentic conducted a survey among almost 100,000 patients and discovered a huge set of costs for those patients who are not taking their prescriptions as directed. Bigger costs than have been reaized by studies in the past. This study suggests that employers are being hit hardest because they are responsible to pay for the premium cost of [...]


Employers should be concerned with Medication Adherence

Employers should be concerned with Medication Adherence. Medication Adherence for employees helps employers control Medical Costs. We review a lot of statistics. We attempt to be very accurate in reporting these to you. After all, we are talking about your health… and the cost of your employees health. The NCPA reported on the nature of these costs in 2014. You know it’s not pretty. There is something that you can do to start the needle moving in your favor. The issues are [...]