New Study claims that Non-Adherence may affect up to 50% of all Patients

The High Cost of being Medication Non-Adherent for Employers

A company Healthentic conducted a survey among almost 100,000 patients and discovered a huge set of costs for those patients who are not taking their prescriptions as directed. Bigger costs than have been reaized by studies in the past. This study suggests that employers are being hit hardest because they are responsible to pay for the premium cost of healthcare for their employees.

This survey was documented in an article in HealthITAnalytics. The white paper that was generated as result of this study suggest that the costs of preventable hospitalizations for diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol alone can bring an additional $8 million dollars a year for every 100,000 patients with these chronic diseases. This is a tragedy for the patients, Combined with the financial tragedy the employers suffer we’re having to pay for it.
One of the many specific findings that stood out for me isn’t that non-adherence increase the likelihood of hospitalization for diabetics by 77%. Many other such examples are cited in this study.

It’s extremely important for employers to put a program together for their employees that includes a medication adherence reminder/management tool such as the one that Medtexter offers!

Chronic illnesses affect about half of the entire population of United States. This is an overwhelming statistic. Chronic illnesses are, of course, those illnesses that need to be managed by the patient because they are likely to remain with us for all of our lives. A friend of mine, who managed a few different healthcare facilities in her career, once told me that so much of what causes chronic illnesses has to do with the foods that we love to eat and the drinks we love to guzzle. We seem to eat and drink our way into a chronic illness without much thought. The truth is that we are what we eat and what we drink. You can do something about that. You have choices to make.

Once you have a chronic disease, that you’re likely to have for the rest of your life, you’d better take care of it. Once you have it, most likely you own it. No matter which chronic disease you have (I have several) you need to take your meds as directed by your doctor. This is called medication adherence. Not taking your meds as directed is called non-adherence. That’s the situation that’s costing you, your employer, your health insurance Company, even your country hundreds of billions of dollars per year. You might not think that this is a big deal… But it is; its a big deal if you can actually do something about.

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