Employer Healthcare Costs

What is expected to happen with Employee Health Care Programs?

Towerswatson.com  is a company that regularly polls mangers and employees about company trends and constantly reviews effective business trends. In a recent survey they have assessed what employers expect is going to happen with Employee Health Care Programs. Among those trends revealed is that employers believe that: Educating their employees along with tools make for the best ways for employees to make their health care selections. Mobile Apps deliver the best feedback and wellness messages for employees and will increase to 95% by 2018 That [...]


Employers looking to reduce heath care costs for company employees!

The costs that employers can’t ignore. Back in the olden days of Healthcare Insurance, when we mostly paid our own monthly premiums, if we could even qualify for it, we each did the most we could to bring down our monthly payments. We managed our own policies. Certainly, those employees that worked for really large corporations, were union members or government employees didn’t have to worry about that stuff, someone else negotiated that benefit most of the time and you paid [...]