Usually, I’d get in trouble for making a comment about women, such as this one. But THIS one is published in the Huffington Post.
Women, it seems, really are not as good as men when it comes to taking their meds on time. We talk about how patients are really, well, just awful at taking their meds as directed by their physicians. We have often said that medications are not taken almost half of the time. It’s a national health crisis. It costs everyone hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Medication Adherence is when you do take your meds as directed… and on time… EVERY time.  The difference is really quite a lot: women forget to take their meds as much as 45% as compared to men who are only 36% negligent.

Go men!

Come on women… what the heck? This is about you getting healthy and staying healthy. That includes looking better and feeling better… and being around for your kids. Jeez. This is serious business. It’s really that important. We’re talking about your life. All Posts
So take your meds, and read this article in the Huffington Post.

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