It’s not available yet, but it’s likely to be considered in the very near future.  The “Polypill” is meant to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol in patients over 50. Its been tested in a small group in England; only 84 patients participated in the study, reports the Reuters News Service in a story recently published.

Doctors from Queen Mary University of London have reportedly surmised that the success of this test indicates that it would be good for all people, over the age of 50, who are under treatment, to take the Polypill as it will likely reduce heart attacks and strokes by 2/3rds. The generic medication, manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals of India, reportedly proved to reduce cholesterol by 39% and blood pressure by 12%.

The medication will be studied in much larger groups, over a longer period of time. Currently, a wider study is being conducted in India at this time with expected results in about 2 years. It’s also likely that additional studies will have to be conducted before the FDA might approve such a medication for use in the United States. Hearings on the drug might be complicated by the very low profit margins, the fact that an offshore company manufactures it and over the potential objections of U.S. pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose massive sales for medications designed to treat those ailments.

In the meantime, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are very serious conditions which require patients to take their doctor prescribed medications on time, every time and in the exact quantity that their doctors direct. These drugs cannot work if you don’t take them.
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