On Thursday, October 27th please meet author Dan Munro, discussing his new book “Casino Healthcare”. He will also lead a great conversation on the recent topic “Blockchain” that was presented at the September, Health 2.0 Conference. Dan has an informative “take” on this topic and it should be an interesting conversation.

Also, please RSVP so you don’t miss out on the popcorn and cookies!


Dan Munro

Author and Forbes Contributor

Dan Munro is a writer on the topics of technology, innovation, and policy that are unfolding inside one of America’s largest industries – healthcare. First appearing in Forbes as a Contributor in 2011, Dan has written for a wide range of global brands and print publications. His first book – Casino Healthcare – was published earlier this year and he is also a Top Writer (4 consecutive years) on the globally popular Q&A site Quora.

Dan graduated from the International School of Brussels before completingundergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Communications (with a minor in Journalism) at the University of Redlands.

@danmunro – twitter
Author: Casino Healthcare 

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