Are Prescription Drugs so expensive that they’re forcing you to buy from foreign pharmacies?

The answer is often yes… prescription Drugs are too expensive to purchase on a regular basis. But if you skimp on the purchase of U.S. manufactured drugs you are very likely giving yourself a placebo; a fake drug that will likely not do what the doctor prescribed the drug to handle and may very well be doing you damage.

Newsweek Magazine reported that Phony Medicine is a huge business.  Foreign pharmacies often don’t even know where the drugs they buy are made. The makers of these fake meds are doing everything they can to deceive you. Remember: they have the same goal as the Royal family member in Nigeria that just needs you to send him $1,500 so that they can deposit $2million into your bank account. They want your money no matter what they have to say to get it.

Paying for these illicit and face drugs is never a bargain. People die sometimes depending on these drugs.

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