Only the dead people were happy with the results of the survey.

There were two groups: A placebo group and, and the study group. The study group was subjected to a different level of care, where the doctors were trying to make the patients respond in the survey as being satisfied. The study group had a 238% increase in mortality over the control (or “placebo”) group.

Mortality was directly linked to Patients satisfaction. How could that be? The Gomer Blog, who reported on this study, explains that, as an example, if a doctor mentions that a patient is fat, the patient gets really upset. So, if left to their own devices (I’m reading into this a little) the fat guy is happy when the doctor doesn’t mention his weight, but he doesn’t do anything to improve his weight which is probably the largest (pun intended) factor in his declining health. So the fat guy dies… but he’s happy, the PISS survey reports. Oh yeah, the acronym for the study may be slightly problematic as well. But don’t say anything because they might get upset and, well, we wouldn’t want anyone to be less than completely satisfied, would we? The group study is headed up by a Dr. Willford from UCLA.


The problem with the study might be that it’s researching the effects of satisfaction. The belief of the researchers from the start was that a more satisfied patient would be more likely to take their meds and become more adherent. It’s well documented that medication non-adherence is one of the the biggest problems in modern medicine.

The practice of the study was to pay doctors more generously the more satisfied a patient was. In order for the doctors to get themselves paid more they would allow their patients to become more unhealthy but more satisfied. The study was considered to be a precursor to the launch of computer programs that might have populated many of the hospitals in the country. The study was called off when the study administrators realized what was happening. But the study lasted for 8 years.

You should read the story in the Gomer Blog. You should scratch your head. It will make you realize that being responsible for your own health, and being very involved with your own medications is one of the very best things you can do for yourself. It’s important to eat well, and your medications, if taken on time as prescribed, can prove to be as important as the food you eat, especially if you have a chronic disease as 50% of Americans do. Getting alerted to take our meds is important because 69% of us that need our meds forget to take them on time because we simply forget.

Medtexter is your answer. Because taking your medications on time matters.

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