I feel like I take too many medications, but my doctor says that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing even if I can’t tell. He has me do at least a couple of blood tests a year to make sure that all of my medical issues are on track. They’re not on track if I forget to take my meds.
He says that taking my medications regularly is the first important step in achieving my goals for being healthy. I asked him about working out in order to achieve my goals. He says that would like to see that, but that the first step is to  take my medications regularly.

I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and even sometimes Asthma. I usually feel great, but there are times when I don’t . I want to feel great all of the time. As much as he wants me to work out, he says I need to improve my diet and always remember to take my medications in order to get into a workout routine. He doesn’t want to see me cause more complications for myself. by going to the gym prematurely. He said that I should start with some moderate walking first, and to take my meds. My Doctor says that having Diabetes doubles my chances of having a heart attack so he wants me to be cautious.

The issue for me is to be able to remember which medications I need to take and when. If they were all at the same time it would be easier to remember, but still, sometimes I forget to just take my first thing in the morning pills. I just forget. I get a phone call or I see something on the TV and I just get distracted. I even have a system where I turn over the bottles when I take my pills so that I know that I’ve taken them. The problem is that I just forget to take them altogether. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t turn the bottle upside down if I forget to take the medication. That only serves to tell me that I forgot. And when that happens it’s not only one pill but also several and then I’m way off cycle on a bunch of my medical issues. That’s when my doctor says it could become dangerous for me to be working out too hard. He doesn’t want me to have a heart attack.
I’ve read that the more medications I take, the easier it is to forget what to take and when to take it. I really need help with this.  Getting reminders on my iPhone from MedTexter will help a lot, so, I’m signing up.

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