More information from the good doctors of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston: From a new study, reported in Medpage Today, seemingly a summation of 25 studies, mostly observational and retrospective in nature, Dr. Asaf Bitton, offers that medication adherent patients of coronary artery disease have much better outcomes. We all know this.

I’m going to read between the lines…  while there are several quoted statistics for several different medication regimes in the March 2013 release, it seems that the doctors have an eye toward the patients who are adherent in addition to the success of the medications.  Though they don’t seem to say it aloud, the doctors who did this study looked for, perhaps, the first time at the “healthy adherer effect.”  They describe this as “the likelihood that adherent patients general live healthier lifestyles compared to other patients.”

This makes a great deal of sense since those who care enough for their own health to be actively adherent are, by definition, not those who sit back and wait until somebody else does something to make them better, waiting for that time when they can eat bad foods, have a few drinks and maybe a cigarette.  The researchers didn’t say that. But I am.

You’ll apparently live longer, while lowering your healthcare costs if you take your meds as directed by your doctor.

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