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Medication Adherence in the 3rd World

I just ran across an article from Examiner.com, which appears to be an on-line publication out of Hawaii. The article sites a study done in Turkey in 2012 (which I don’t know how since we’re not quite there yet) wherein 750 patients with high blood pressure try to find answers about why these patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. I doubt that there are very many differences between high blood pressure patients and those with other diseases… unless [...]


The U.S. Surgeon General talks medication adherence

The U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, is on the campaign trail. No, not for elections, for trying to get the public to become adherent to their prescriptions. Benjamin says that “75% of the American people,” aren’t taking their medications as prescribed. Benjamin called medication nonadherence “a major public health problem.”  This leads to unnecessary complications including heart attack and stroke. "There are many reasons why people don't take their medicine as directed, from concerns about side effects to the out-of-pocket costs [...]


Brain Stents are discouraged as a result of study

Lifestyle changes encouraged A national clinical trial, sponsored by the National Institute for Health (NIH) and carried out on 450 high risk stroke patients nationwide, commenced with the theory that placing brain stents into patients with considerable narrowing of major arteries would be beneficial. It was believed that these stroke patients would get more blood into their brains and would reduce their chances of having a second stroke. But that theory was not proven. Medical News Today reports that the enrollment [...]