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Medication Adherence in the 3rd World

I just ran across an article from Examiner.com, which appears to be an on-line publication out of Hawaii. The article sites a study done in Turkey in 2012 (which I don’t know how since we’re not quite there yet) wherein 750 patients with high blood pressure try to find answers about why these patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. I doubt that there are very many differences between high blood pressure patients and those with other diseases… unless [...]


The more meds I take, the more I forget to take them

I feel like I take too many medications, but my doctor says that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing even if I can’t tell. He has me do at least a couple of blood tests a year to make sure that all of my medical issues are on track. They’re not on track if I forget to take my meds. He says that taking my medications regularly is the first important step in achieving my goals for being [...]