The UK has released a spate of research over the past few months; some of these findingsare based on the same test group. You may have already read some of the articles that the AMAS (Aston Medication Adherence Study) has issued. We certainly have written about some of it. There are many aspects to the research.

The latest seems to focus more on a co-relation between the kinds of medical issues and the societal/cultural aspects of the patients. This particular aspect seems to be abut patients who have dyslipidaemis, type 2 diabetes or hypothyroidism.  But many of the patients who have a difficulty being adherent are under 60 years of age, of Islamic faith, or are Asian, Caribbean or Aftrican primarily. There are other groups.
The study reveals that about one third of these groups are non adherent. That really isn’t too different from the general medication recipient population at large, but there is something that jumps out at me: What are the researchers describing?

I believe that these various cultural groups have a similar aspect to their non-adherence as I do when I am, for instance, travelling or doing something outside of my regular, daily routine?  In fact, there’s hardly a trip to town when I find that I haven’t forgotten something. You know… sunglasses, wallet… medications? I’m more likely apt to forget to take my meds when something is occupying my ram (by that I mean brain capacity).

When I’m away from home I am much more likely to forget my daily regimen.  It’s those times when I need to be reminded to be responsible to my self. It’s my guess that off of those folks that were mentioned in the study as being most likely to forget to take their meds can also be described as being away from home.

When is it that I’m most likely to be at home at the same time everyday? Almost never. The more active my life, the less likely I am to remember everything I’m supposed to get done… which includes taking my meds on time, every time.

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