Our Mayflower Ancestors!

This past year has been full of surprises.  Aunt Judy and I figured out that we are direct descendants of 5 Mayflower passengers. So, I thought everyone should know who our Mayflower Ancestors are and we should give thanks to them.   

You might think that our ancestors on the Mayflower were the first in America.   But this isn’t the case.  

One of our ancestors, Mayflower passenger, Stephen Hopkins first came to Jamestown in America in 1610.  He left for America in 1609 on the ship, the Sea Venture.  But he found himself shipwrecked in Bermuda.  Here he talked himself out of death sentence.  He is also thought to be the character Stephono in the Shakespeare’s the Tempest.   

Stephen arrived in Jamestown on the May 21st, 1610 with the other shipwrecked passengers, bringing much needed food to Jamestown.   He lived and worked in Jamestown from 2010 to 2014 before returning to England.  In 1620 he signed up to bring his whole family to America.      

Stephen Hopkins lived live on the edge and sounds like he was crazy fun!   You really should read the links below on him.  I am sure you will see some common traits you can identify with.