What is happening?

<strong>2 out of 3</strong> hospital readmissions are <strong>caused</strong> by patients <strong>not taking</strong> their medications

This issue leads to massive unnecessary healthcare costs and penalties that hospitals face each and every year.

Taking your meds on time matters! To Hospitals

With Medtexter, hospitals can easily:

  • reduce hospital readmissions.
  • avoid costly medicare penalties.
  • improve healthy patient outcomes.
  • Ensure patients take their meds on time after they are discharged.
  • Know when patients are not taking there meds, before it’s to late!

PLUS save millions of wasteful dollars each year.

<strong>Get alerted</strong> when patients are <strong>not taking</strong> their meds
  • not the next day
  • not the next week!
  • not the next month!
  • not when it’s too late!

Medtexter alerts hospitals to intervene to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions.

  • reminds
  • alerts
patients to take their meds on time!
  • Never miss a dose!
  • No more  “did the patient take them or didn’t take them? “
  • Makes complex medication regimens easy!

Medtexter alerts patients to take their meds on time with text messages and/or email reminders.  When they forget, Medtexter engages them and their healthcare provider to keep them adherent.

Medtexter works seamlessly across all the patient’s devices from smartphones, tablets to computers, with easy to use secure, HIPAA compliant, mobile technology.

We guarantee* your hospital’s readmissions will drop!

Taking your meds on time matters! To Hospitals