The need to be educated on Medication Adherence.

The World Heath Organization is calling on the government of China to take some major steps to curb that country’s steep climb in Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases. The WHO says that China has had 8.6 million deaths just in 2012. And more than 3 million additional people are dying of diseases such as lung cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes, reports Health24.

The WHO says that most adult men are smokers there and that children are not getting enough exercise. China has some similarities to the West.

As China or any society grows, they will be subjected to new expectations, new habits, new awareness, good and bad. China’s population has likely continued age old poor health habits while concurrently moving rapidly toward modern medicine. China and the WHO might be witnessing the result of these vastly different cultures running headlong into one another.

We have similar issues on a smaller scale in the Western world; China has a much larger population. We get a major wake up call for ourselves when we hear the huge numbers of people who are dying of Chronic Diseases.
The largest costs of healthcare in the U.S. are also due to Chronic Diseases. Of the $2.91 Trillion dollars spent on health care in the U.S. 84% of that goes to cover costs of patients with chronic illness. And 50% of all U.S. residents have one or more chronic illness. The U.S. could cut well more than $300 billion of that just by becoming medication adherent: taking the medications that one’s doctor has prescribed and taking them on time, as directed.
Do you have a chronic illness? Chances are that you are not fully medication adherent. If you’re like me, you need a little help remembering when to take your meds. I use Medtexer to help me manage my meds. And lucky for me, Medtexter works everywhere in the world by reminding when it’s time by email or text.

As China gets their health act together, perhaps we should remind ourselves that our knowledge and technology don’t really help us if we don’t do something to take advantage of them. It’s just as important to be active, eat well, and take our meds as directed, no matter what part of the world we live in or travel to.

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