Different meds for different patients

I was chatting over lunch with a girlfriend of mine, a very elegant and smart woman named Joanna, and another good friend, Robert. Over the course of lunch the subject of a doctor’s prescription came up. The doctor was adding a medication to Robert’s regimen of daily medications. Joanna objected. “You’ve got to get off all that stuff. America is so overmedicated, it’s ridiculous,” she proclaimed. “It just can’t be good for us to take all those drugs.” I thought for [...]


Are the cost of Meds stopping you from taking your meds? Probably not.

The medical industry is keenly aware that being adherent to a prescription regimen will help to manage diseases and sometimes even cure a patient of his disease. Its also been known that patients aren’t particularly good at taking their meds as directed. For the past few years there have been studies on the adherence of patients and why they are or are not adherent.  Only about half of the patients who have a prescription take their meds after the first [...]