To you

Taking your meds on time matters TO YOU!

Medtexter helps you manage, remember and track your Rx medications, over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements.

There are many good reasons to take your medications. Sometimes you need to take pills to get you well, like if you have an infection. Many times it’s a management tool for your body, like if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol or diabetes. Many people do not realize the full potential of their medications and as a result they often fail to take some or all of the medications as prescribed which often jeopardizes their recovery.

  • Manage: Medtexter helps you take control of your medication management.
  • Remember: Medtexter reminds you OnTime, EveryTime, WhereEver you are.
  • Track: Medtexter helps you stay on track daily and historically.

Medications don’t do you any good if you don’t take them as prescribed: Ontime and every time.

Taking your meds on time, every time in the correct dosage and exactly as your doctor prescribed is proper “medication adherence”.