You know that expression, “It takes a village?”  When it comes to Bipolar patients it might be the case that patients need a village to help them with their medications. According to a news story in News-Medical, a recent study on patients with Bipolar Disorder and their adherence to their medication regimen.

The study was done via a 15 question survey asking almost 2,500 psychiatrists what might be the cause of a lack of adherence among their Bipolar patients . These doctors revealed that a majority of their patients were not compliant with their prescribed medication regimen.  Patients gave a wide range of reasons why they didn’t take their meds ranging from feeling better to intolerable side effects and inconsistent routines. It seems that many bipolar patients did not associate their deteriorating health conditions, including increased suicide risk, with their discontinuing their meds.
Many of these doctors shared that they felt their patients would likely be helped by friends, family and healthcare professionals reminding them to take their medications as prescribed.

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