About Us

Management Team

Medtexter’s team is dedicated to making this web-service work for you, our customer. While there are lots of parts to this site, it our goal to make it work simply for you. We would like to get your feedback if this site works well for you as well as if there are elements that are not working for any reason. While every part of this site is tested diligently, there are always things that can work better. Medtexter is about helping you manage your meds.

Jeremy Whiteley

CEO and Founder

Jeremy Whiteley is known as a can-do guy among those he has worked with. His Marketing experience runs from promotions to creating and executing multimillion-dollar Sales and Marketing programs. His former clients include Microsoft, AT&T Wireless, Intel Corporation, and Amazon.com.

Mr. Whiteley was CEO and founder of Marketsync, Inc., a VC funded, integrated, multi-channel correspondence solution, working with Salesforce.com. As CEO, Jeremy built business from zero to a $4 million agency with a loyal clientele in the high-technology industry.

An expert in developing and executing effective marketing strategies/programs via the Internet and traditional marketing communication methods, Mr. Whiteley is a proven team player with ability to direct and manage cross-functional teams. He is skilled in transforming and integrating traditional business processes to the web. He has strong communication, interpersonal, project management and problem-solving skills. Creative and resourceful are just some of his attributes.